nonprofit accounting services

Let this collection of articles show you what’s possible in an outsourced nonprofit accounting firm partnership – deciding on what services you need, how to get the most from those services, and how to transition. Just like we discussed in the reporting section, you don’t want to just check something off your list, you want to ensure your organization benefits to the fullest. We offer a flexible business model to fit your organization’s specific accounting needs.

This is not a document that you’ll only visit once each year, but one that you’ll review over and over again, continuously course-correcting according to your organization’s most prevalent needs. Therefore, nonprofit accountants have the vital responsibility of preparing, analyzing, and using various financial documents to explain the financial health and position of the organization. This helps determine the next best steps for maintaining an effective and fiscally sound organization. While you’ll need to keep track of details regarding restrictions and other information about specific donations in your accounting system, don’t get this mixed up with the information you keep in your donor database. Donor data is useful for building relationships, but it can clog up your accounting system.

The Spirit of Jitasa

We are passionate about supporting the nonprofit sector and contributing to the success and sustainability of organizations that make a difference in our communities. Your nonprofit bookkeeping services utilize our nonprofit accounting software, which includes online giving & donation tools. This means you can access your financial reports anytime, share reports with your leadership, manage donations, and accept giving online.

However, financial number crunching and paperwork filing is vital for your nonprofit to fund its mission and grow its impact. Nonprofit accounting is becoming challenging due to ever increasing complex administrative and regulatory compliance requirements. Jitasa’s nonprofit bookkeeping services focus on data entry and allocation of both revenue and expenses. Our professional process will set your organization up for success in all of your financial management and accounting activities. Our nonprofit accountants will assist your nonprofit organization with financial management. Nonprofit accountants help organizations ensure financial health and stability, analyze financial data, and make decisions based on the nonprofit’s unique financial position.


This means your Chazin & Company team is accessible each and every workday – not just certain times of the month. We combine proactive and personalized service with tailored communication processes to cultivate a collaborative relationship, so you feel like nonprofit accounting services we are just down the hall. After we review your information, we will provide you with a proposal for services tailored specifically to your needs and budget. Schedule a call to talk to us about the unique accounting and reporting needs of your organization.

nonprofit accounting services

For example, if you recognize that you generally have less revenue generated during the summer months (a common trend among nonprofits), then you might save some funding from the winter to be spent during this timeframe. We’ve covered briefly the differences between nonprofit and for-profit accounting practices. However, there is another distinction we need to cover when discussing accounting at nonprofit organizations and that is the difference between accounting and bookkeeping. You always have access to your financial records and can switch to a nonprofit accounting software only subscription at any point with a 30-day notice if you decide to manage the books yourself.